January Favourites 2016! // vanityandvodka

morphe palette

I’m going to start off with this Morphe Palette- my first ever Morphe palette which is the 35n.  I’d heard a lot about these palettes in the past and this didn’t disappoint.  The colours are well pigmented, the shade choice is gorgeous and I’m generally impressed with the quality of the shadows.

collection highlighter

Crappy picture alert but next favourite is one I’ve mentioned on my blog before and it’s the Speedy Highlighter from Collection. I don’t normally get on with highlights but this one was so impressive- take a look at my full review here.

 jan fav lip swatches jan lip favs

For lips I picked three products.  I’m a big liquid lippie lover- they’re my favourite type of lip products. Hands down.  So naturally this post features two.. the first being a Cream Lip Stain from Sephora in the shade 09. I picked this up from the states and I believe they were around $9-$13 each so were really reasonable surprisingly.  I love how this applies, I love how it sets on my lips, I love the finish and I love the shade so I really can’t get enough of this.

Second liquid lipstick from Makeup Revolution, this is one of their Lip Lavas in Firestorm which is a lovely pink toned red.  These apply like a dream and are so cheap that I felt the urge to buy all of them at once (I resisted..just).

Final lip product is a gloss, another product I tend not to get on with but these butter glosses from NYX are so creamy and feel so lovely on the lips I’ve become quite fond of this.

revolution highlight

Another highlighter? Whaaaatt? It’s been the month of highlights for me apparently.  My problem with highlights is that they’d never seem to make much difference to my make up so I never bothered, but this  Makeup Revolution Powder Highlighter is such a pigmented and creamy powder I enjoy using it and love the effect it gives to my make up.  I don’t need to cake it on for it to work and when shined in the right light I’m practically Kim K.

urban decan primer

Over the Christmas period I noticed my eyeshadows really weren’t lasting on my lids and I realised maybe I should stop being so lazy and give a primer a try.  I’ve had the Primer Potion for a while but never really reached for it on a daily basis but since I made an effort to use it, I now can’t shadow without it. I also use things like the Colour Tattoos from Maybelline or eyeshadow pencils but this seems to still come out on top for staying power.

w7 sculpt brush

Last favourite is the W7 Sculpt Brush, I think W7 is a brand often forgotten about and looked over in the beauty world.  They are most famous for their dupes of the naked palette but they do some pretty good products although their stuff is quite hit and miss. Yet this brush is super soft, doesn’t shred and happens to be a perfect shape for contouring.

Photo’s here weren’t fab and this was a little rushed so sorry for a crappy post but thank you for reading anyway.

Steph Louise x