My 3-Day Rule

IMG_3772If I ever feel like it’s all getting too much I remind myself of my 3-day rule.  I saw this online a couple of weeks ago online somewhere and I so wish I could remember where so I could credit them- if anyone has any idea please let me know in the comments so I can add it!

The 3-day rule, for me, is about giving myself time to think and not making any silly decisions I’ll regret.  This works with any big decisions you want to make in life, including harming yourself in any way.

The way it works is super simple but I’ve been finding it so effective.  So you start a ‘countdown’ (maybe the wrong word to use here?) of 3 days, so 72 hours, if within those three days you feel even the slightest bit of joy/happiness, you feel like life is worth living or you look forward/plan something in the future, then you must start those three days again.

This could be something tiny, for example:

  • Enjoying the first sip of a coffee/tea
  • Having a giggle at your favourite TV show
  • Looking for Christmas/Birthday presents for your wishlist
  • Getting excited over a new series/film airing soon
  • The joys of swatching a new highlighter (maybe just beauty bloggers hahaha)
  • Feeling pretty with your new hair
  • Planning a new tattoo

Literally anything. 

If you feel anything, you must start the three days again and I guarantee you that you will not get to the third and final day.

That’s my rule and that’s how I cope with crappy times.

What do you think?

Steph Louise x