Gift Guide for Her



Yankee Candle- Vanilla Lime- £11-£22

There are very few women in your life that will be disappointed to receive a candle because everyone loves them.  Yankee Candle have a huge range of candles for a good price, and they’re easy to pick up from most shops.  This scent is one I don’t actually own but it’s definitely on my wish list- it’s a gorgeous fresh, sweet scent that I actually really love. It’s not something I’d normally pick as I’ll normally go for Vanilla Cupcake or something similar but this one is a new favourite for me.  You can pick up a smaller version for £10.99 or the bigger jars (which last ages) cost about £21.99.


Benefit- How to Look the Best at Everything- £25

Benefit do a lot of little sets like this so this is just an example, they’re pretty great because they contact miniatures of some of Benefits favourite products which gives you a chance to try before you fully buy.  They also look cute lined up on your dressing table plus for the amount of products you get the price isn’t half bad.

pic frame

Framed Favourite Song Picture- Etsy- £69

I love the idea of this although I feel like it could be done at home for cheaper.  This one would be perfect for a girlfriend if you use your song or a song that means a lot to her.  It’s a really thoughtful and personal present and awesome idea but you could pick up a frame and print this out yourself- maybe even adding some photos around the edge.

whale mug

Whale Mug- ASOS- £12

This is just a super cute mug…which holds your biscuits.


Michael Kors Glitz Rose Coloured Crystal Bangle- Micheal Kors- £135

This is a little bit more pricey but perfect for a mum/sister/girlfriend in your life.  It’s a gorgeous rose gold bangle from Micheal Kors I’d personally be over the moon because it is sooo pretty.

Hint anyone?!

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Steph Louise x