2016 Goals Revisited

I’m not actually sure if anyone even read my blog this time last year but if anyone did, you may have read my 2016 Goals post in which I moaned on about going to the gym more often and drinking more water (such fun).  I’ll save you the lengthy update on those ‘goals’ (they didn’t happen) but I did want to update you on the blogging goals so here I am!


The first thing I mentioned in that post was improving my photography, I’d just purchased my first DLSR camera and had very little idea how to use it.  Has this changed? Not particular, I definitely have a better idea on what I’m doing but there’s still so much more I could learn.

Below is a picture I took for a post from about January 2016 and the second picture is from about September/October, the improvement isn’t huge but I’m pretty happy with the progress and I’m looking forward to spending 2017 getting to know my camera even better.

Blog Design

The next thing I mentioned was my blog design, I mentioned I’d like to start learning simple coding in order to be able to customised my blog more during the year but what I actually did was just by a Pipdig theme and leave it all up to him.  Since taking the plunge and buying the theme I haven’t once thought about changing the design again,  I love the way it now looks and, if there is anything I want changing I know a quick DM to Pipdig and it’ll all be solved within a few days.


Finally, I focused on some good old numbers, I, like everyone, wished to gain a few more followers over on my Twitter and Instagram accounts.  My goals were as follows;

Instagram; 150

Twitter; 100

On the day I’m writing this I can well and truly say I’ve smashed those goals this year, currently on Instagram I have a total of 282 and a Twitter following of 1018.  To say I’m pretty chuffed with this is an understatement.

Sidenote; I did also mention wanting to attend a blogging event and I was lucky enough to attend the Bloggers Blog Awards and the Bristol Bloggers Meet and hope to attend a few more during 2017.

Have you done a post revisiting your 2016 goals? Link it to me in the comments!