Products I want to use up #1 // vanityandvodka


With Christmas coming along again and just simply because I have too much stuff I wanted to set myself a challenge in which I use up these products by December 25th. Here’s what I picked.


Nivea Young- Smooth It! Exfoliating Scrub with Peach.  I choose this not because I don’t like it but because it’s been in my collection so long I need to use it soon because I’m scared it will expire but also because I have a new Soap and Glory exfoliater I’m dying to use but feel this one needs to go first.  I like this because it’s soft and gentle on the skin, cheap and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.



Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub- This little guy is awesome.  I’m gonna be gutted when this actually runs out but expiry dates again! Luckily Lush still make this lip scrub so I’ll be picking up another one but it tastes gorgeous, leaves my lips smooth and because it’s Lush all natural!


So…? Superstar Perfume- Again this is something that’s been in my perfume collection for ages and I’m just getting a bit bored of the scent, not only that I’ll be getting a few perfumes for Christmas and it’s unfair to throw any away!


The Body Shop- Tea Tree Skin Cleanser- I really do like this skin cleanser but I have sooo many I want to try, including a MAC one I just picked up so sorry man you gotta go.


Montagne Jennesse Face Masks- Last product(s), are these face masks. I have about 10 of these which my Mum got me last Christmas and I just never seem to have the time to use them.  I’m not sure they’re miracle masks but they always smell great, they’re super cheap and they’re just a bit of a novelty.  I want to find the time to at least use a couple of these!

I’ll do an update at the end of December so you can see how I got on with my first Project Pan style challenge.  I’ll hopefully be doing an empties post soon so check for that!


Steph Louise x