15 Facts About Me //ggblogchallenge

15 Facts About Me //ggblogchallenge


If you missed my tweet yesterday you may not have seen day 7 of the challenge which was all about bucket lists- you can take a look at mine here, but I didn’t do a post as I’ve already got a page on it.

Today’s challenge was to come up with 15 ‘interesting’ facts about yourself, I don’t count myself as a very interesting person so apologies if these are a little dull.  Enjoy anyway!

  1. I have four tattoos and I plan to get three more by the end of this month.
  2. I work as a support worker and help support 4 young lads with learning difficulties and autism.
  3. I’d love to be a nurse.
  4. I haven’t been driving a year yet but I’ve already had three cars.
  5. I’m constantly dying my hair, it’s currently pink, purple and blue.
  6. I would love to live in either London or somewhere in the US.
  7. I’m an only child.
  8. I have a hamster called Creeper and two fish called Khaleesi and Drogo.
  9. I have never had my eyebrows waxed.
  10. TKMaxx is my favourite store (along with the bae Primark)
  11. I will always cry at the film Titanic, it breaks my heart everytime.
  12. I left school at 16 and never looked back.
  13. I plan to travel to every continent.
  14. My go-to drink is Vodka and Redbull.
  15. I always feel super calm and happy when I’m by the sea.


I did say they may be a bit dull, sorry!  If you’ve done this post leave me a link down below!

Steph Louise x