Back To Blogging

I’ve been daily blogging for a little while now but over the past week I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to get blog posts out or promote myself on social media.

I had a few blog posts already scheduled so you may have seen those already but I’ve missed two days of blogging and I haven’t really been active on social media.

Daily blogging was my decision (after I noticed my views peaked when doing Blogmas in December) and I love doing it.  One thing I was scared off when daily blogging, was running out of ideas but actually the complete opposite happened- the more I blogged the more ideas I have.  But I also have a full time job which makes daily blogging a bit more difficult.

I’m not an organised person- like at all.  So for me to get daily blogs out was quite an achievement and like I said I loved doing it but I seemed to become obsessed with comparing my blog and myself to other bloggers.

I wasn’t happy with the design or layout of my blog, I felt like I was writing to no-one, I became a little bit obsessed with checking views and followers etc.  aaaannd it was a little bit too much.  So I sat, like a hermit crab in my duvet cocoon reading blogs and stalking on twitter.

I started my blog as a happy place, a distraction from any crappy things in the real world and of course, a place to talk about my love for all make up and beauty bits.  I want to carry on because of that- not because of followers and views etc.

My blog has had a little makeover and I’m still searching for a theme I can purchase that I like but for the time being this is what I’m going with (expect it to change lol).

I’m back to daily blogging from now because I want to, because I enjoy taking photos and rambling on about different lipsticks that probably look exactly the same to anyone else.