10 Things That Make Me Happy // vanityandvodka


Sometimes life can let you down and can leave you feeling a bit pooey.  Here’s what makes me smile when I’m feeling like that.

1; English TV Shows– you know those typical English TV shows like the Inbetweeners, An Idiot Abroad and Come Fly With Me? I could watch them for hours, they never fail to make me chuckle.

2; Shopping– when I have the money (never at the end of the month lol), there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good shopping trip.  Coming home with bags full of beauty, clothes and homeware bits just make my day.

 3; Podcasts- for me, night time is always one of the hardest times, I find myself overthinking about stuff so having something to distract me really helps.  I’ll do a post shortly on my favourite podcasts but I love long, rambely style podcasts I can spend hours listening to.

4; Holiday Planning- I get super excited about travelling and could spend hours planning future trips.  Even if (realistically) I could never afford that beautiful villa in Florida with 2 pools and a games room- but looking is still pretty fun.

5; Reading- Up until recently I had kind of ‘forgotten’ about reading, and how amazing it can be.  Once you’re engrossed in a good book, you’re pretty much good to go.

6; More TV- okay, maybe this is cheating because I’ve already included TV, but like, I really like TV.  If I feel down I like to get stuck into an old classic for me, Game of Thrones or Gossip Girl is always worth the rewatch.

7; Animals.- I freaking love my dog.  She is my favourite thing in the world.  Just chilling with her makes me so happy.  If you haven’t got a puppy to cuddle with (or just want ALL the dogs), do what I did, volunteer at Dogs Trust to walk the doggies, help train them and generally just spend time with overexcited, fluffy, animals.

8; Blogging- although sometimes my blog will be the last thing on my mind, I do enjoy reading other blogs as well as taking time out to write my own.  Plus all the things that come with that, like taking photos, trying new beauty products, editing and all that good stuff.

9; Talking- I find that sometimes I can just keep everything bottled up, but talking about it just makes everything 100% easier.  It can be hard to open up to people about bits going on in your life, so even just talking about random shit, that can help too.

10; Family- my family are my rock.  Time spent just sitting watching telly with them, or days out with them just cheers me up so much. I love them a hell of a lot.

Let me know all of the things that make you happy during those down times.

Thank you so much for reading.

Steph Louise x